Pet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams are crucial for maintaining your pet’s overall health and detecting potential issues before they become more serious. At Jenks Veterinary Hospital, our experienced veterinarians conduct comprehensive wellness exams, including physical exams, vaccinations, and parasite screenings, to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy for years to come.

Pet Wellness Exams at Jenks Veterinary Hospital

Letting pets run, play, and engage in all of their family’s activities as they grow, change, and mature is the ideal pet life. Pet preventative health care may maximize the fullness of that life, both in terms of what your pet can do and for how long.

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Pet Wellness Exams

A complete exam for a pet is similar to a human examination, but we call it snout to tail instead of head to toe. First, we go over your pet’s history with you in order to get to know them. During the talk about your pet’s history, we will begin taking vitals and other information in order to look for any problems and establish a baseline for what is normal for your fur baby.

The weight of your pet will be recorded, and an examination of their body systems will be performed to look for any anomalies. If a blood test, vaccination, or other therapy is required, it will be performed near the end of the examination. When all of your concerns have been addressed, and everything appears normal, your pet’s appointment is concluded. If there are any irregularities, we may need to conduct more tests to determine the cause. Before proceeding, you and the doctor will discuss any necessary treatment alternatives and reach a decision together.