Pet Digital Radiology/X-Rays

We at Jenks Veterinary Hospital are glad to offer radiology services to give our patients outstanding care as we try to provide the finest quality medicine and diagnostic tests.

Pet Digital Radiology/X-Rays in Jenks, OK

Radiographs are a valuable tool that can assist us in making an accurate diagnosis for your pet. Our radiology department is staffed by compassionate, skilled experts who provide cutting-edge care.

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Pet Digital Radiology/X-Rays

An X-ray, or radiograph, is an image that looks inside the body and can show details that are not visible from the outside. Nearly every organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, abdominal organs, and bones, can be examined with radiography.

Radiography employs only tiny amounts of radiation and is painless, safe, and non-invasive. The size, form, and location of many of the body’s organs can be determined by radiographs. Any changes in the size, form, or location of organs can be an indicator of disease or illness. Radiographs are often the first diagnostic test that shows there is a problem. Also, skeletal structures can be evaluated for arthritis, Spinal disease, and broken bones. Our digital radiology services are a valuable tool for the diagnosis of disease.