Pet Behavior Consultations

Jenks Veterinary Hospital wants your family to be as joyful and stress-free as possible. We aim to reduce the stress and inconvenience that behavioral issues can bring into our lives.

Pet Behavior Consultations in Jenks, OK

Jenks Veterinary Hospital’s behavior consultations are designed to give individual pet owners the tools they need to better understand their pets’ behavior.

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Pet Behavior Consultations

During the consultation, our expert team of veterinarians will assess your pet’s overall health, consider their age and lifestyle, discuss any recent or historical behavioral difficulties, and assist in developing a specific plan for resolving them. To better understand what is causing the behavior, veterinarians may ask questions about objects or activities that may be causing the unwanted behaviors.

By addressing the underlying reasons for undesired behaviors, behavior consultations assist humans and their dogs in forming stronger ties. Our behavior consultants will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation so they can craft an appropriate course of action to achieve desired results.