Pet In-House Blood Work

At Jenks Veterinary Hospital, we provide pet in-house blood work, allowing us to diagnose and treat your pet’s health concerns quickly. Our advanced technology ensures accurate results for timely treatment.

Pet In-House Blood Work in Jenks, OK

Blood tests are an essential element of your pet’s health care. Much like human medicine, blood testing can help you determine what’s wrong with your pet. Blood tests can reveal information to the veterinarian, such as whether your pet is dehydrated or fighting an infection.

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Pet In-House Blood Work

Your pet averages 5-10 people years for every one of theirs. In order to keep your pet happy and healthy, we recommend that a preventive blood test be performed on them once a year.

Yearly blood tests will provide a baseline for what is typical for your pet, and if your pet becomes ill, we will be able to track the progression. Internal organs of our pets begin to lose efficiency or slow down as they age. By screening for these abnormalities early in the disease process, we can make dietary or care changes that can dramatically improve and raise your pet’s quality of life.

Jenks Veterinary Hospital has an in-house diagnostic facility, so we get bloodwork results for our patients right away. When your pet becomes ill, you won’t have to wait days for the results of routine blood tests. In some cases, we can begin treatment right away. Our in-house diagnostic lab reduces the time and effort required to get your pet the blood tests they require.