Pet Surgery

At Jenks Veterinary Hospital, we offer a wide range of pet surgeries to meet the needs of our furry patients. Trust our experienced team for safe and effective procedures.

Pet Surgery

Our staff is highly skilled in performing veterinary surgery and will go out of their way to ensure your pet receives the best care possible. Our emphasis on patient safety, pain control, and cutting-edge surgical techniques is intended to exceed your expectations and put your anxieties to rest.

purebred cat with shorthair

Pet Surgery

Jenks Veterinary Hospital can perform almost any procedure your cat or dog may require, or we can connect you to the proper specialist if needed. Our expert veterinarians provide a wide range of surgical services, from routine to sophisticated procedures.

Our veterinarian team goes above and beyond to ensure your pet receives the best treatment possible. We do a physical examination and pre-anesthetic blood testing before surgery.

We place a high value on guaranteeing our patients’ safety during surgeries. Our doctors and veterinary technicians are qualified to provide anesthetics and monitor patients’ comfort and safety. Monitoring during surgery includes heart rate/rhythm, blood pressure, blood gas levels, and respiration. Pain medication is used routinely during procedures and post-operatively to keep your pet comfortable.

At dismissal, precise instructions will be provided for home care, and any questions/concerns you have will be thoroughly addressed.